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Wedding signage is by far our most popular type of signage, however I do love coming up with and finding inspirational quotes and sayings to create signage for your home or other occasions.

We offer Wooden, Foamcore and Printed Signage.

Wooden signage is perfect for your rustic wedding or event. They offer a beautiful charm about them and are long lasting, so they're perfect to hang in your home afterwards. These come in a grey stain with white writing or a whitewash painted finish with black writing. They come in 3 sizes, so you can choose the right size for what you're needing. Please note: these signs are handpainted, so some imperfections may arise.

450mm x 600mm - $89
600mm x 900mm - $150
900mm x 1200mm - $209
A-Frame Sign (2x 450mm x 600mm attached at top) - $129

Foamcore is a great option to choose if you're wanting a cheaper option and for your sign to match perfectly within your other stationery items. These are printed signs onto a 5mm thick PVC plastic coated foam board, are extremely durable and lightly weather proof. These come in 3 sizes, but round and other shapes are also available. Please contact for pricing on custom shapes.

A2 - $90
                          A1 - $110  (most common)
 A0 - $180

These are our cheapest option (for their size). You have your choice of paper (up to A3), colours, size (we can print up to A0) and content. You can choose to frame these (recommended for larger sizes) or simply hang as they are.

Contact for Pricing.


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